BranchTRAK Corner Module Track Plan.

Corner Module Designs

HO Scale BranchTRAK Modules

Standards At A Glance

Layout Theme: Branchline
Layout Type: Modular Layout
Size: Straight 16.5"x48", Corners 30"x30"
Scale: HO Scale
Era: Any
Track: Code 83
Turnouts: No. 5
Min. Radius: 24"

Article by: Jim Spavins
Published: April 14, 2016

All of the BranchTRAK sample layouts require four corners to complete the loop of the finished railroad.  Below are three simple corner module designs.  All of the sample modules have a similar theme - scenic elements which help to disguise and hide the tight 24" radius used in the module standards.

In addition, the corner modules are also a good place to place the control system which is used to power the layout.  The system can be built into the module.  This means that as long as the corner module arrived at the show - the control system made it as well.  This reduces transportation space and eliminates an extra container which would need to be stored under the layout - providing a cleaner layout setup.

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Scenic Module Gallery

Overpass Corner BranchTRAK Track Plan

Overpass Corner

One way to break up the visual of the tight radius on the BranchTRAK corners is to add an overpass. In general, the topography will help to hide the train going around the corner but still allow the track to accessible for cleaning.

Rock Cut Corner BranchTRAK Track Plan

Rock Cut Corner

The rock cut corner module, like the overpass corner, provides a partial view block of the tight radius on the mainline.  The mainline passes through a rock cut.  A house at the top of the hill provides an interesting scene which can be highly detailed and lighted.

Tunnel Corner BranchTRAK Track Plan

Tunnel Corner

One way to add some visual interest to a tunnel to provide a cut away so the viewers can see inside the tunnel.  The front of the corner module would have a cut out where the trains can be seen and some more details added tot he module.  In addition, this has the practical benefit of providing access tot he tracks for routine maintenance like cleaning the tracks and to re-rail any equipment that has been derailed.

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