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Standards At A Glance

Layout Theme: Branchline
Layout Type: Modular Layout
Size: Straight 16.5"x48", Corners 30"x30"
Scale: HO Scale
Era: Any
Track: Code 83
Turnouts: No. 5
Min. Radius: 24"

Article by: Jim Spavins
Published: March 22, 2016

While the prototype modeling movement certainly dominates the hobby today, there is still a place to have a little fun with our modeling efforts.  Below are a handful of modules which should bring a little laugh to a layout's audience - or at least the fellow module owners who are in on the joke.

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Just for Fun Module Gallery

Orange Tree Company BranchTRAK Track Plan

Orange Tree Company II

An inside joke that has taken on a life of it's own, the Orange Tree Company features an industry which harvests orange leaves to send them to other modules.  Basically, one of my friends in the club gave me a hard time about my early fall tree color selection - in particular the orange trees.  To have a little fun, I built a 2' spacer module for our HO layout featuring the Orange Tree Company.  The other members liked it so much, it has become a running joke (it even has its own t-shirt line).  This module was one of several BranchTRAK modules constructed to demo the concept.

Bicentennial Modules BranchTRAK Track Plan

Bicentennial Modules

Ten years ago, I built my 100th module.  To celebrate the occasion, I built a module featuring a factory which made - modules! (Learn more about Centennial Modules here.)  The joke has been recycled twice since - first with a Centennial Modules distribution warehouse on my friend's Marysville module as well as with an earlier era module factory on another friend's Centennial Modules II.  Amazingly, I am almost at the point where I have constructed 200 modules - maybe it would be time to update the joke with a BranchTRAK module factory.

Wiffle Ball Stadium BranchTRAK Track Plan

Wiffle Park

Besides my interest in railroads, my other long time love is baseball.  I've wanted to build a module featuring a baseball stadium for a long time but, frankly, the cost and time to add figures for even a small minor league stadium isn't something that interests me.  However, with a little imagination and some inspiration from these epic Wiffle Ball Stadiums, the perfect compromise could be reached.  With today's electronics, a working jumbotron could be built over the right field wall and 3D printed parts would make adding specialty stadium features like seating, bases, and foul poles a breeze.

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