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Q. How do I join the club?
A: We encourage you to stop by a club meeting or train show and meet with the club to see if you want to join.  If you like the group, then just fill out an application, pay the dues, and you're in!

Q: Will you buy my train collection?
A: No, the club does not maintain an inventory of equipment or buy/sell collections.

Q: How can I see your club's layout?
A: Since the layout is modular and each section is owned by individuals, it is not setup permanently.  We only set it up at train shows throughout the year.  Please see the Calendar for our upcoming shows.

Q: Will you set up a layout at our event/train show?
A: We would be interested.  Just send us an email with dates, times, and location of the event and we will see if we can make it happen.  The more lead time you give us before your event, the better chance we might be able to support a layout since we are an all volunteer organization.


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